PIAS teaser (made by bruce) for the compilation
teaser PIAS compilation

Poison, the video (1987)
Poison! video (1987)
Bang! the video (1989)
Bang! video (1989)
The Weathermen Live in Amsterdam (1989)
The Weathermen Live
(Amsterdam 1989)
Don't Drink & Drive live movie
Don't Drink & Drive
movie used for live performances
Punishment Park live movie
Punishment Park
movie used for live perfomances
Transit  live movie
Transit (2006)
movie used for live performances

just two guys in love with a big sound
(remixes by Daniel B.)

Bias 99
12" EP + CD 1988

01 Punishment Park Baad
02 Punishment Park (Fantasyland)
03 Punishment Park (Dysneyland)
04 Timebomb Benny (nytro)
05 Punishment Park (album)

movie used during the performances of The Weathermen