A Smirky Electronic Band (USA-Belgium)

Bruce Geduldig

Jean-Marc Lederman










We were young, Ronald Reagan was president of the USA, Maggie was busy making a mess of the UK and sketching up the base for wild free enterprise and brutal capitalism, golden boys were fast… but wow!, wasn’t Bo Derek hot or what ?!

The music scene was generally a bore: it was all about expensive studios, vain music, coked-out producers and cliché artists. Just think about it: Flashdance. Yeah, you get the draft: there’s no need for more gore details about how laborious the ’80s mainstream really was.

But some people started messing with synths and samplers, mixing up, with no respect to the elders, electronic generated sounds and ryddimz with loops and beats. These people hadn’t a clue about conventional structures or presets music. White trash I tell ya! Who were we to resist a little fun?

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