A Smirky Electronic Band (USA-Belgium)


Old Friend Sam

Bias 13
12″ EP 198501 Old Friend Sam
02 P38
03 What About Us ?

recorded by / mixed with Michel Van Gijsel

Deep Down South

Deep Down South

Bias 17
12″ EP 198501 Deep Down South
02 Deep Down South (red neck at the controls)
03 Deep Down South (Naaancy)recorded by / mixed with Michel Van Gijsel


This Is The Third Communique From The Weathermen

Bias 25
12″ EP 1986
01 Let Them Come To Berlin
02 Let Them Come To Berlin (let them remix it in Berlin)
03 Only Fools Fall In Love With Stalin’s Daughter (sing it yourself version)

Recorded by / mixed with Michel Van Gijsel


Take It Off !


Bias 29
12″ EP 1986
01 Take It Off!
02 Take It Off! (unzipped mix)

Recorded by / mixed with Luc Tijtgat


Poison !


Bias 62 12″ EP 1987

01 *Poison!

02 R U New 2 The Bayou?

recorded by/ mixed with Ludo Camberlin


Poison remixes
Bias 62 RR
12″ EP 1987
2 lethal remixes (with Ludo Camberlin)

Punishment Park


Bias 99 12″ EP + CD 1988

01 Tuff Times (Baaad)

02 Punishment Park(Fantasyland)

03 Punishment Park(Dysneyland)

04 Timebomb Benny (nytro)

05 Punishment Park (album)

all remixes by Daniel B. (Front 242)

Bang !


Bias 127 12″ EP + CD 19890

1 Bang!

02 Bang! (Liechtenstein version)

recorded by/ mixed with Ludo Camberlin

 Bang Bang !

Bias 127R
12″ EP 1989Bang Bang! (rocket mix)
Bang Bang! (ICBM version)
*Nothing Like Itremixes by Joe Morton (Joe Casters from Poesie Noire) and Carl S Johanssen (Ludo)
*recorded and mixed by Jimmyjoe Snark III


Bias 151
12″ EP 1990
01 Heatseeker (North Controlled mix)
02 Heatseeker (untapped version/ album)
03 Heatseeker (silenced mix/ instrumental)remixed with Nigel Starmill (Gilles Martin)

 Poison ! (Toxic Lipstick Remixes)

full name: “The Weathermen with great pleasure proudly presents the ultimate version of Poison! (the song that walks by itself)”.

Bias 62
CD + 12″ EP 1988
01 Poison! (lethal mix*)
02 Poison! (toxic lipstick mix**)*remix with Ludo Camberlin
**remix by Luca Anzilotti and Michaël M�nzing (then unaware they were going to make it big a few years later as ‘Snap’. By the way, I think you can now give back the multitracks of “Poison!”, thanx :))

 Freedom And Slavery (no cover, just a cd case)


Mute US PR CD 8332 2 1991 Promo CD Single 1990

01 Freedom Or Slavery (conclusive edit)

edited by Mowgli for the US release of ‘Beyond The Beyond’ on Mute US


Once For The Living

Bias 178
12″ EP 1990

Once For The Living (Pulsar mix)
Once For The Living (Pulsar instrumental)
Once For The Living (Asteroid mix)

remixes by Steve Proctor


Around The World

Bias 215
CD + 12″EP 1992

01 Around The World Mark Lusardi remix
02 Around Europe Daniel B. & Patrick Codenys remix
03 Around The World album version
04 Around The Moon (remix by Jimmy Joe Snark III, on CD version only)
05 *Grace Falling(on CD version only)

*mixed by Bruce and Gilles Martin


In Deep With The Weathermen

CD 4 tracks late 2003
Coach and 6 Records
the tracks are early mixes off “Deeper”

01 Workshop
02 Daytime TV
03 House Of Blues (Shot On Location)
04 Deeper


Daytime TV

12″ EP vinyl 2005
We Rock Like Crazy WRLC 005

01 Talkin’ Feet (Markus Lange remix)
02 Surveillance Star (Dry F*** remix by jjs III)
03 Deeper(Napsugar remix)
04 Daytime TV (DJ Pierre Dour remix)
05 Daytime TV (“Gee, No More 4 Fucking Years”, remix by jjs III)

Dear God

12″ EP vinyl 2006
We Rock Like Crazy WRLC 007

A1 Dear God (remix – File Not Found)
A2 Ice Cream Truck (remix – Never Trust Rotersand remix)
B1 Shadow Diary (Jenny .exe remix)
B2 Dear God (Odyssey remix – Prothese)
B3 Transit (remix – This Fish Needs A Bike redux)

The Weathermen Thank You !


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