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The Last Communiqué From The Weathermen

Between 2002 and 2006, the following songs could be downloaded from this site for free, as 192 kbs mp3s…

*Old Friend Sam (off Ten Deadly Kisses)
*Deep Down South (off Ten Deadly Kisses)
*Don’t Drink & Drive (off Ten Deadly Kisses)
*Berlin (off Ten Deadly Kisses album)
*Mud (I would) (off The Black Album)
*Punishment Park (off The Black Album)
*Poison (off The Black Album)
*Tar Pit (off The Black Album)
*TimeBomb Benny (off Beyond The Beyond)
*Bang ! (single version)
*Such A Beautiful City (off Beyond The Beyond)
*California Or Bust (off Beyond The Beyond)
*Virtual Reality (off Global 851)
*Around The World (7″ version by Marc Lusardi, off Global 851)

+ Poison (the Millenium Bug re-recorded version, 2001)
Poison (the extreme) remix by JimmyJoe Snark III 2002 made on the Weathermen Mobile Studio in Brussels, February 2002

The Last Communiqué From The Weathermen (?)

PIAS 033
CD 2007

01 Old Friend Sam<
02 Deep Down South
03 Don’t Drink & Drive
04 Berlin
05 Mud (I Would)
06 Punishment Park
07 Poison!
08 Tar Pit
09 Timebomb Benny
10 Bang!
11 Such A Beautiful City
12 California Or Bust
13 Around The World (Mark Lusardi Remix)
14 Daytime TV (“Gee, no, more 4 fuckin years” remix by JJS III)
15 Transit
16 I’m Tight
17 Domotic

All tracks have been remastered at Equus, Brussels, in september 2006

The Weathermen Thank You !


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Godspeed, my dear friend