PIAS teaser (made by bruce) for the compilation
teaser PIAS compilation

Poison, the video (1987)
Poison! video (1987)
Bang! the video (1989)
Bang! video (1989)
The Weathermen Live in Amsterdam (1989)
The Weathermen Live
(Amsterdam 1989)
Don't Drink & Drive live movie
Don't Drink & Drive
movie used for live performances
Punishment Park live movie
Punishment Park
movie used for live perfomances
Transit  live movie
Transit (2006)
movie used for live performances

Well, If you want to buy some of our music, that's great. Got to keep the engine going, see ? ;)
All of the early recordings "1985-2003" are deleted but you can find them pretty easily in specialized record shops, sometimes even as new! You can also find them in some internet shops, and of course E-bay and alike.
PIAS has released in 2007 a compilation of our songs, all re-equed and re-mastered with The Weathermen. You may also send us a mail, we do have a few copies left on some of the old stuff. And do have the newer ones, of course.

Please do note that all the albums are available on Itunes. We can also provide you with the artwork if you ask nicely.

But don't be like this mad guy who went down to a Skinny Puppy gig and asked the band to sign him a CDR he did with illegal downloads of their songs...

The newer material is all very available and ready to go to a good place anytime you want. Send us a mail if you have hesitations about what, how and where to buy.

For all recordings: send a mail to The Weathermen
For "The Last Communiqué Of The Weathermen(?)", try PIAS.
For Dear God 12" EP and Daytime TV 12", contact We Rock Like Crazy.
For In Deep, call up Coach And 6.