PIAS teaser (made by bruce) for the compilation
teaser PIAS compilation

Poison, the video (1987)
Poison! video (1987)
Bang! the video (1989)
Bang! video (1989)
The Weathermen Live in Amsterdam (1989)
The Weathermen Live
(Amsterdam 1989)
Don't Drink & Drive live movie
Don't Drink & Drive
movie used for live performances
Punishment Park live movie
Punishment Park
movie used for live perfomances
Transit  live movie
Transit (2006)
movie used for live performances

After four 12 inch singles, the record company was excited about the possibility that just maybe, there was enough material for an album...No such luck, bozos, since more songs were needed to complete an album.

Already in the can was some stuff done with Michel Van Gijsel (the engineer who started The Weathermen with Jean-Marc Lederman and worked on the first three 12inches) but it was time to move on to new aural horizons. Shit! that sounds bad already !
So, The Weathermen met with Belgian producer Ludo Camberlin, who already had a housename working with Neon Judgement. In Ludo's small 'Anything But' studio located in the basement of PIAS, the three fearless men (Bruce, Ludo and JM) decided to have a go at writing new material to complete what would be Ten Deadly Kisses. 6 new songs were created and the other tracks were edited versions of the early records, sometimes with added or re-recorded vocals.
At that time, the equipment affordable to small groups was scarce. On Ludo's recording, at the time of Ten Deadly Kisses, most of the sequencing was done on the Commodore 16 and the only sampler was the low budget Akai S1200, but that shortage of equipment was ideal for The Weathermen's very primitive approach to sound design anyway...

01 Deep Down South edited and remastered version of the original mix.
02 Space was recorded with Paul Delnoy from La Muerte (a Belgian band pionneering with his mixture of metal, rock and B-movie ambiances). The song was basically The Weathermen's hommage to Trekkies all over the world.
03 Foreigners To Paradise was done with Ludo. It is supposed to be a driving song...Mind you, not in the Chris Rea sense of the word. Sounds terribly tacky in 2007...
04 Micky! is a mockery of somebody who had something probably very important to say, but can't get his timing right.
05 Berlin edited and remastered version of the original mix.
06 Ten Deadly Kisses gives more clue about The Weathermen love for sexy R&B. Yes, sounded quite out of place in the EBM world in 1986...In the bridge, you can hear Jimmyjoe cleaning the dishes while Bruce hoovers the studio. Real clean guys.
07 Old Friend Sam Bruce re-recorded the vocals originally 'sung' by Jimmyjoe
08 Don't Drink & Drive is still a very popular song at every AA meeting around the world. Yes, kids, don't drink and drive: better stay at home and empty your parents' bar!
09 Take It Off! edited and remastered version of the original mix.
10 Tonight And Every Night (recorded by and mixed with Michel Van Gijsel) is an instrumental, even tho it incorporates some very well known actor specialised in horror movies. It was done with one of the most inventive audio device of that time: the Sequential Circuit Drumtrack rythmn sequencer. An interesting feature of that machine was the tunability of the drum sounds, quite a heroic possibility when most of the equipment available then was a sequencer OR a sampler OR a drum machine: you had very few machines combining the three.

D, D&D movie used during the performances of The Weathermen